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Erin Carney

flute winds

Erin Carney has been playing flute since she was ten years old. She grew up in Lakewood, Ohio, where she was involved in band, orchestra, choir, Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Events and marching band. As a senior in high school, she picked up the piccolo, and kept playing it for two more years as a Wildcat in the Northwestern University Marching Band. In 2014, she graduated from Northwestern with a Bachelor of Music in Voice and Opera.

Erin started teaching flute lessons in 2009. She believes learning to play the flute is especially hard because of the immense amount of breath required, but with proper training (and practice) anyone can do it! Erin uses breathing, embouchure, articulation and rhythm exercises to increase her students’ range, speed, tone and stamina. She then puts those exercises into practice by applying them to flute songs, chosen to fit the student’s level and musical interests. Erin is a patient, flexible teacher, who works with her students to accomplish their shared musical goals.