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Evan Borkstrom


Evan Borkstrom (he/him) began playing the piano at the age of 8, when his uncle bought him a keyboard for his birthday. He started taking lessons at a local music store, where he began with the fundamentals and some classical based instruction, but quickly moved on to rock and pop music. Some time later, Evan was introduced by a family friend to the world of keyboards, synthesizers, and progressive rock music. He began to dissect and analyze their odd time signatures and complex structures, both of which would become distinct qualities of his own original music.

As a teacher, Evan's main goal is to make lessons fun and interesting for his students, while also reinforcing essential fundamentals along the way. The turning point for him as a young student was when he began to be able to play some of his own favorite songs, rather than excerpts from a method book. As a result he is able and willing to transcribe and arrange songs for his students to ensure that they are playing music that is both familiar and enjoyable to them.

Evan holds a Bachelor's degree in Piano Performance from Berklee College of Music, as well as an Associates in Arts from Joliet Junior College. Evan has had extensive study in classical, jazz, progressive, rock, and pop music in their performance as well as their composition. He currently performs as a keyboardist in The Doors of Chicago.