Lyriq Music School

Winds & Brass

What Can I Expect?

  • Ear training/musicianship (learning songs by ear, basic improvisation, practicing musical sensibility, etc)
  • Instrument technique (note fingerings, embouchure, posture, breath control, etc.)
  • Learning standard repertoire/songs
  • Theory and its practical applications (rhythms, scales, chords, intervals, etc.)
  • Reading sheet music

Recommended age

  • 8+

Your First Lesson

  • Assessment of technical ability/musical knowledge
  • Discussion of personal goals and, if applicable, direction of study (classical, jazz, pop, etc.)
  • Intermediate/advanced students bring current method book or most recent materials worked on

Lesson Expectations/Teaching Approach

  • Any direction of study can be valid as long as the fundamentals are being covered (i.e. instrumental technique, practical theoretical knowledge, ear training/musicianship, and study of repertoire). With that being said, teaching approach varies from student to student depending on his/her individual strengths, weaknesses, goals, and personality.
  • Practicing is key! You become your habits, so if you want to really learn to play you must get into the habit of practicing daily or almost daily. A little bit of daily practice goes a long way.
  • A large part of the repertoire study will be aimed at preparing for seasonal recitals. Practicing performing is just as important as practicing your instrument! Music, in its essence, is meant to be shared!