Lyriq Music School


How young can a student begin voice lessons?
We recommend waiting until the age of 10-12 to start voice lessons, at which point young people can begin learning the anatomy and physiology of healthy singing function and begin building physical awareness of the corresponding sensations. If a child would like to begin prior to that age, we recommend either starting with piano or trying “Intro to Voice” sessions. These intro sessions will include building basic musicianship skills, learning to read music, some light piano instruction, and singing basic songs appropriate for younger people. The top priority when approaching any singer of any age is to build a healthy functioning instrument that can grow naturally over time.

What can I expect from voice lessons?
In the first lesson the student will assessed by the teacher in terms of strengths, areas of improvement, goals, experience, attitude, and ability to implement instructions. The first few lessons will focus on learning the “how's of singing:” how to breathe, how to support, how to build awareness of the body in singing, speaking, and in breathing, etc. The student can expect to spend time using hands-on techniques to begin the development of sensory awareness in singing. The teacher will also introduce basic exercises to “line up” the student's body in breathing and in singing. About 60% of lesson time will be spent on these fundamentals. The remaining time will be spent on music chosen by the teacher and student.

What do I need to bring?
LYRIQ will provide the student with all the materials needed for learning. We ask each student spends time practicing daily (details and schedule to be discussed with the teacher), taking notes, and always being prepared to move forward in the next lesson. For students high school age and up, please bring some recording device (phones are appropriate) to record and review lesson.

Semester Student Fee
All students pay a semester student fee of $25 to cover the necessary items for your studies. This fee includes your very own gig bag, student notebook and pencil, flashcards, and lesson and theory books in addition to covering any recital costs.

What is your technique of singing that you teach?
Rather than speak of a “technique,” LYRIQ's vocal teachers emphasize healthy, natural vocal function, the basis of which starts and ends with breathing. The basic anatomy, physiology, and physics of singing can be taught in one lesson – the pursuit of mastering this in one's own body is a journey of one thousand steps – or more! Regardless of the style of music the student would like to sing, LYRIQ's teachers stand out in their knowledge and experience of building healthy vocal function to avoid damage, hoarseness, and other vocal dysfunction. In addition, LYRIQ's director of voice and senior staff provide ongoing professional development to the faculty to continually improve the instruction at LYRIQ Music School, ensuring continuity within our department.