Lyriq Music School


What can I expect?
The rewards of piano lessons increase over time, and provides additional benefits outside of the studio. While phrases like “classical music makes you smart" may be a gross generalization, students learn various skills in addition to refined motor skills (which is a plus too!) in the form of time management and structured thinking. All LYRIQ piano instructors have a solid foundation in piano pedagogy, with extensive backgrounds in teaching students of all ages and levels. Their knowledge and experience will guide students in preparing for seasonal recitals and other performances.

Recommended Age
LYRIQ recommends 4 years old as the earliest starting age for piano lessons. It is never too late to start piano lessons, however, and adult beginners are always welcome.

Your First Lesson
The first lesson will consist of an assessment. During this lesson your child's baseline musical knowledge will be evaluated and goals for the session will be set. For young children, it is important that musical goals be set together with parents or caregivers as learning an instrument will require parental support.

Beginning Students: Your first lesson will cover basic physical details on posture (how to sit at the piano) and finger numbers. Also, your instructor will introduce your first set of notes on the instrument AND in your book, then assign you written homework and pieces to practice at home.

Experienced Students: Please bring the most recent piece(s) and books you have used in previous lessons. Your instructor may ask you to play one of these pieces in your first lesson, then cover basic materials as a review, and discuss new repertoire and theory assignments with you for the following week.

Semester Student Fee
All students pay a semester student fee of $25 to cover the necessary items for your studies. This fee includes your very own gig bag, student notebook and pencil, flashcards, and lesson and theory books in addition to covering any recital costs.

It is also recommended that piano students also purchase a metronome or download a metronome app.

Lesson Expectations
Practice is essential to progress, and parents are strongly encouraged to be involved in the preparation process. Children 4-12 years old in particular will benefit tremendously from parental supervision during practice. The regular use of lesson notebooks will facilitate the preparation process, and create consistent practice habits.