Lyriq Music School


How young can a student begin guitar lessons?
We recommend waiting until the age of 6 to start guitar lessons. Hand strength is an important factor to consider when starting guitar. Younger students may encounter more challenges and frustrations when learning any new instrument so it is important to make sure students are able to produce a sound on their instrument. Three quarter sized guitars are available.

Adult students are always welcome. Private lessons are a great way fulfill your bucket list!

What can I expect from guitar lessons?
The first lesson will consist of an assessment. During this lesson your baseline musical knowledge will be evaluated and goals for the session will be set. For young children, it is important that musical goals be set together with parents or caregivers as learning an instrument will require parental support.

Beginning Students: Your first lesson will cover a basic introduction to the guitar, naming the parts of your guitar and string names. Your teacher may tune your guitar for you. Your instructor will then assign you something to practice at home.

Experienced Students: Please bring the most recent piece(s) and books you have used in previous lessons. Your instructor may ask you to play one of these pieces in your first lesson, then cover basic materials as a review, and discuss new repertoire and assignments with you for the following week.

Semester Student Fee
All students pay a semester student fee of $25 to cover the necessary items for your studies. This fee includes your very own gig bag, student notebook and pencil, flashcards, and lesson and theory books in addition to covering any recital costs.

Our approach to Guitar Lessons
Guitar is a unique and personal instrument. During your first lesson it is important to clarify your goals to the instructor. Guitar curriculum starts with a musical foundation in the fundamentals and then is supplemented by musical suggestions from students and teachers.