Lyriq Music School

Drums & Percussion

How young can I start?
For drums and percussion, there really is no age too early or too late. There are so many different instruments and toys to play with that even kids at the age of 3 can pick up a shaker and start to learn the very basics of how to make a sound with a percussion instrument. At Lyriq Music School we suggest a starting age of 5 years old.

What can I expect in my lessons?
In your very first lesson, we will get to know each other, and what your musical goals are, as well as how we will achieve them. We will also spend some time playing and doing some short exercises so we can figure out exactly what we need to work on for the year. Once we figure all that out, we will have a custom made course just for you. Every lesson always covers: basic technique on the drum pad, some snare drum etudes and solos, and of course solos and etudes on the drum set. Also available are lessons on mallet instruments such as bells and xylophone, in which we will follow a similar lesson plan.

What do I need?
To begin, every student that registers will need to have a drum pad, sticks, and two books, one for snare drum and one for drum set. The drum pad, sticks, and books will be preselected by your teacher.

Practicing every single day for at least 15-30 minutes is crucial for the development of great basic understanding of snare drum and drum set. Consistency is key! It is expected that parents of young students help enforce this practice time, and facilitate a quiet space, free of distraction during practice. Practice should be done at home, not during lesson time! Each student should be prepared and well practiced for each weekly lesson. Lessons are for learning new skills and continued development. It is also encouraged that students take a few minutes to practice after each lesson to strengthen what was learned that day.